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Since 2012, Probaby has begun to become active in the field of baby items due to the arrival of our own children Chrysoula and Panos. With our own children in mind and what will be making it easier for our children to grow up, our company has begun to import and introduce innovative products to the Greek and Cypriot markets with high standards of quality and safety for babies. The design of all the products we import is from mums for mums.

Smart Baby Products - Probaby

My Carry Potty

  • My Carry Potty is the new solution to potty training.
  • It’s lightweight, leak-proof and completely bag free.
  • It’s designed with a unique lid that provides a completely watertight seal. It is made from high quality durable plastic that’s easy on the eye and easy to clean.
  • Best of all, kids love the bright attractive colours and the carry handle makes it easy for them to adopt as their own possession.

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Gumme Glove γάντι για δάγκωμα!

A bit more about US

  • Our multi award-winning ‘Gummee Glove’ is designed to help little ones help themselves. The mitten is made to fit babies from 3 to 6 months, perfect for the early stages of teething.

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